"We Sit Your Pet"
"If We Sit Your Pet...You'll Forget The Rest"


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 YOU HAVE ENTERED THE "WORRY FREE" PET SITTING ZONE". We sit pets in Flowery Branch, Oakwood & Buford (Hall County Side of Buford) Due to the number of clients we currently serve, we can come to you, if you live off of McEver Road ... All points south Of Stephens Road to Friendship Road and West of I-985.

We service SMALL to Medium Size Dogs only (under 60 pounds) all cats, turtles, fish, small birds are just fine.

We stick to small dogs as that is our specialty, these dogs are who we are most comfortable with and if we ever needed to get them to the vet, our car would not be able to handle a larger dog and this is very important to us as I am sure it would be for you too!

Thank you for visiting our web site! If you are looking for that special pet sitting service that you can depend upon, who will spend quality time with your "babies", you have come to the right place!

You can relax and have that Peace Of Mind you deserve, while you are gone for the day or for a week, because we will be there to make sure your pet/s stay
happy and healthy.

Don't want to burden your neighbors with asking them to sit your pet all the time? Let a professional handle this for you and keep your neighbors as friends. You know what they say, don't mix business with pleasure! Pet sitting should be taken seriously, that is what we are here for!

The last thing you want to do while on vacation or even at your daily job is worry about your "furry family members". There is NOTHING more reassuring than finding the perfect PET SITTER and when you do, you just KNOW, all is well with your pets. 
We will provide you with that secure feeling!

We are a family owned business here in Flowery Branch, GA. We are mature pet lovers, who you can depend upon to take care of your babies. We have owned and cared for dogs and cats all of our lives. We have both the experience & the ability to do the job! Most importantly, we are honest and dependable, exactly what you need in a pet sitting, dog walking, or house sitting service! Please Read our  
Testimonials Page.

Having an in home pet sitter is so much better for your "babies" as they are not thrown into a new environment. Many times, even though they work hard to take care of your pets, when you board them in a kennel, they come home with something, be it stress, eye infections, fleas, upset tummies, etc. Then the cost to have those issues addressed far exceeds the cost for an in home sitter.

Plus....when you come home after a long day at work or a nice relaxing vacation....guess what?  Your pets are there waiting for you and you do not have to stress out running to the kennel to pick them up or worse yet, come home just after the kennel closes and now you have to leave your baby there yet another night alone without YOU!

We currently own and operate a real estate appraisal business in Flowery Branch, GA. So, we are well respected in the community and have already established ourselves as trustworthy, professionals! Check us out at  http://www.lanierappraisalservice.com

Pet sitting dovetails perfectly into our business, because our hours are very flexible and we are slow during the holidays, summer vacations & spring breaks, since most people are taking vacations, not thinking about real estate. Plus, we encounter dogs and cats on a daily basis in our current profession, so we are very comfortable meeting new furry friends on their own "turf".  

We are huge pet lovers and we know first hand the anxiety of leaving pets in a kennel and swore we would never do that again! So, if we can help other pet owners achieve that peace of mind, which comes with having a trustworthy pet sitter, then we have achieved one of our main goals in this pet sitting, business! And this IS a business to us, not a side job...we take this profession seriously as we do our appraisal business!

We already have commercial liability insurance, because our profession requires that we go into homes on a regular basis, so you have no worries, allowing us to enter your home for our pet sitting duties. In addition to that coverage...We also carry Pet Sitter Liability Insurance which is an all inclusive policy tailored just for pet sitters.  

It is also important for you to know that when you hire us to sit your pet/s, it will be either myself, Mary or my Husband, Chuck and most likely BOTH of us. You get 2 for the price of one! We will NOT employ anyone else to sit your pets.

Your Pets will be spoiled, loved and fed-isn't that what good pet sitting is all about?  If you let us, we will give them treats too!

We will meet your special family member/s first, before we take on the job of sitting them, because we want to make sure that they love us as much as we expect them to! We also want you to see how we interact with your special pet, so that you feel comfortable about letting us take care of them for YOU!


"If We Sit Your Pet.......You WILL Forget The Rest!"

"Experienced Pet Sitters at your Service"

Your Pets Will Be Waiting Anxiously For Us!!