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We have been clients of Mary & Chuck's (We Sit Your Pet) for a few years now, through many trips. We are extremely happy with the service they provide. They've always been very accomodating to our schedule; whether it is a trip planned a few months in advance, a last minute trip or even a change to a previously arranged appointment.
Our pet population consists of four cats. May and Chuck are great with them; even the super shy one has warmed up to them and doesn't run to hide when they come in. They're dependable, friendly, and quick to respond to communication. With the confidence we have in them, the best part is that our cats get to stay home, safe and sound within their normal routine. We can be away with an assurance that they will be taken care of.
Being somebody that is very protective of their cats, I can say from the bottom of my heart that Mary & Chuck make having a pet-sitter easy!
Eileen; Riley, Chloe, Grace & Lilly
Mary & Chuck
Words cannot describe how pleased and relieved we were when we returned from our vacation and were greeted by the eager and quite excited house full of hounds we left in your care. From the daily pictures and text message updates to the tasty dog cookies left behind and even to the  (still living) flower pots on our deck, it is clear to us that you went well above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring that our house was under control in our absence.
As we are sure is the case with all of your customers, our canine family members are precious to us and leaving them in your care was quite a leap of faith for all involved. Your attention to the details of their needs and your consistent communication with us proves that our trust was well-placed. 
The final proof was that upon our return, the dogs behaved as though we had never been gone and it cannot be overemphasized how important that is to us (and to them!)
It seems as though these days, it is difficult to find the personalized and focused levels of customer service that are so critical to any business relationship and you are to be commended for restoring our faith that such customer service still exists! 
If you ever need a reference for future customers, please do not hesitate to contact us and as for us, we are already planning our next trip, since we know that at least one big part of the trip planning is already taken care of!
Your are the B-E-S-T!!
Tim & Sherry Mattlin - "Bailey" & "Java"
Shane Miller & Samantha Ward & "Bubba" 
Where do we even begin?  After putting Homey & Winnie in a kennel for years, we could see that each visit was becoming more and more stressful for them both.   After we would bring them home, they would sleep for hours on end, their little feet would be sore from walking in the metal crates and had to have a bath EVERY TIME.  Plus, you have NO idea what teenager is feeding and walking your dog and if they are kind to them.  Our dogs are like our children and because we want them around as long as possible, we knew that we couldn't continue putting them through that unnecessary stress.  Plus, we have a new family member, Nacho, our red-ear slider turtle.  Can't take him to a kennel anyway :-)

We had a two week vacation coming up and I HAD to find an alternative.  After some research, we found Chuck & Mary.  There was just one more hurdle to overcome and that was Homey, our 13 year old Shih Tzu.  Unfortunately, he isn't as trusting and loving as his sister, Winnie.  He has some fear issues and we were really worried about how it would go, but after everyone met one another, we decided to take a leap of faith and boy are we glad we did!!

Chuck & Mary kept in touch daily, we knew everything that was going on.  Because Homey has a bad back, he has to be carried down the stairs to go potty outside.  Well, due to the fear issues, Homey wouldn't allow Chuck or Mary to pick him up during the first couple of days.  Rather than forcing him walk down the stairs, they made a ramp for him to walk down.  Who else in the world would do that?  Homey's first couple of days were difficult, but rather than creating more stress for him, Chuck & Mary went above and beyond to convince Homey that they were NOT there to hurt him.  A day or so later, everyone became best buds.
It was such a treat to come home after a long trip with the dogs sound asleep in their crates.  When they realized we were home, they woke up with their tales wagging.  They were so thankful, they couldn't stop giving us kisses!  I LOVED getting the photos, it was very comforting.
We have found a second set of parents for Homey, Winnie & Nacho who will treat them just as we would during ANY situation. What more can you ask for?

Thanks again!
Mike & Shelley McWhorter


Mary and Chuck

It has been almost a year that we discovered each other and it has been great. I couldn't have asked for better pet sitters than you guys, in fact your more than that to Nancy and I. You came into our lives when there were some difficulties and with you both helping with the "girls" while I traveled made things allot easier to deal with. Thank you for that and not judging.

Sophie, Maddie and Pearl think you guys are the BEST! They love that they can stay in the comfort of there own home and know that the only issue would be listening to Chuck's jokes, ha,ha. You also take care of our birds, bring the mail in, empty the garbage, take the garbage to the street, bring the can back up and more... most importantly you are watching our home and property. I couldn't asked for a better security system.
We now have a new addition "Millie", who WILL give Chuck a run for his money. LOL. She is a little spitfire and has a mind of her own. I love how you guys came over the first day we brought her home and acclimated yourselves to her. It was fun just sitting in the backyard talking and sharing stories.
You two are unique in how you conduct your pet sitting business in that you really care about the animals you tend to and you make the families feel comfort knowing that their pets are being properly cared for. With the texting and pictures, it goes along way with knowing all is well on the home front. People plan vacations for months to maybe a year in advance and the last thing they want is problems with kennels or boarding facilities. You guys keep it in house which keeps everyone calm.
I also like that we can call you the same day to run over and take care of the animals while we are tied up with things. It has been a life saver for us at times.
Thanks again for all you do and continue the great service.
Keith and Nancy Stewart
"Pearl, Maddie, Sophie & Millie"


"Having boarded my 3 dogs on a previous vacation and seeing how utterly miserable they were when I returned, I knew I would never board them again.  Thank goodness for Chuck and Mary!  If my beloved pets can stay in the home they love and have friends come into their environment and take care of them......what more can you ask!?  I've known the Thompsons for years and they are trust worthy, caring individuals who I would heartily recommend to anyone with no reservations.  For me, it's either  "We Sit Your Pet" or I don't take a vacation!"

Kelly R.


When I leave town, it is such a relief to know that Mary & Chuck Thompson are watching my "furry" babies!  I am the owner of two cats and three dogs, with one cat being "very mature" (nearly 18).  Mary & Chuck's knowledge of animals is reflected in their kindness and thoroughness with my pets.  Having such dependable, caring, wonderful people watching over my pets is such a blessing to me!  They come highly recommended!  

Mary Ellen Mantz


My Husband and I traveled over the Holidays and could not be happier with the service provided by We Sit Your Pet. Chuck and Mary are very personable and incredibly friendly.. Our dog immediately took to them and was very happy.

Not only was my pet safe and happy at home but Chuck & Mary followed up with us after their first visit with a text message and picture sent via cell phone and then sent another every morning so we could take a look at our furry sweetheart.

They went out of their way to make sure our pet was well taken care of while we were gone, brought in our mail, and left us the sweetest holiday card with our dog's photo in a Santa hat : ) Too cute!

I Promise you will be incredibly pleased with them, they are Great !
Jeff & Alina Hills


"Although my husband and I both travel for our professions the most important thing to us when out of town is that our West Highland Terrier and Orange Tabby Cat are happy, loved and taken care of.  Through many years of using kennels we were blessed when we found "We Sit Your Pet".  Now our four legged loved ones are professionally taken care of, loved and so happy being in their home versus a caged kennel.  Honestly, when we return home it seems that our "babies" did not even realize we were away.  "We Sit Your Pet" are kind, trustworthy and provide the best care and love to your pets when you are unable to.

Sharon McKenzie
Flowery Branch, Georgia

I am so thankful to have Chuck and Mary sit my 2 boxers.  I never worry when I am out of town, they take excellent care of my dogs (probably better than I do!).  We get daily emails and pictures, which is a extra special  touch that keeps my mind at ease.  Chuck and Mary are very honest, trustworthy and most importantly, my dogs LOVE them!

Spencer and Michele Raffel

Flowery Branch